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Hi! I’m a Registered Nutritionist and Mummy to Amabel & Jesse.

We started weaning Amabel in May 2014 at six months old – it was an exciting and sometimes stressful experience – even for someone with a degree in nutrition! We did it all again in 2017 with Jesse but this time we had multiple food allergies to contend with. This gave me a whole new insight into weaning but also means we’re now even better equipped to help our parents.

I feel passionately that we should help our children enjoy healthy, wholesome and tasty foods and the best time to begin is with their first tastes!

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Hey! I’m a Registered Public Health Nutritionist and mummy to two little people – Jack and Francesca.

I studied nutrition for four years at university after which I held various roles within the area of nutrition. I worked within food product development at a large supermarket chain as well as teaching people with a learning disability about healthy eating and healthy living.

For me, my passion for all things “food related” stems from when I am at my happiest, surrounded by the people I love, sharing great food together.