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Christmas savoury pies

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Christmas savoury pies

Well, what a year we have had! And how much do we deserve to have an amazing Christmas this year despite the many restrictions put in place in recent weeks!?

We have met a lot of babies born in lockdown this year and it has been so great to be able to still help parents on their weaning adventures whether this has been via Zoom or face to face when we could.

I know how excited a lot of you are about sharing your Christmas lunch or dinner with your little one. It may be their first meal – how special is that! At 6 months, there is no reason why your little one can’t have some turkey, roast potatoes and all the veg, just be mindful of not adding salty gravy to their portion!

As it is a time for celebration, relaxing, spending time with the people you love, it is very easy to go mad with the sugary foods as you throw caution to the wind. For adults, you can make your own decisions on how much of the “treat” foods you have but we need to mindful that our babies are not consuming high sugar foods during these festivities. When they are still babies, they have no idea what they are missing out on. They don’t understand how yummy chocolate is and so whilst they are still unaware, try and keep the foods that they are eating as savoury as possible, this not just for Christmas, this is relevant for all year around.

Chocolate and sweets are foods containing lots of “added sugars” and the NHS advise that children under 4 do not consume added sugars.

And so I wanted to try and make a more savoury option of a traditionally sweet food which is around during the Christmas period, the humble mince pie!

These traditional Christmas treats are loaded with sugars within the pastry and the mincemeat filling and not at all suitable for our little ones and so, this recipe I have come up with gives our little ones the same experience of having a small “pie” but the filling is so much healthier!

For the full recipe of these delicious snacks, click here Christmas savoury pies

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