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Christmas weaning recipes

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Baby in Santa hat looking at fairy lights

Baby in Santa hat looking at fairy lightsSo, we are at the point of saying goodbye to 2021! And it definitely was (I think!) a much better year than 2020. We have been able to go back to face to face workshops (alongside our virtual options) and it has been so lovely to see all the babies again and have a few cuddles!

I know how excited a lot of you are about sharing your Christmas lunch or dinner with your little one. It may be their first meal – such a special time! At 6 months, there is no reason why

your little one can’t have some turkey, roast potatoes and all the veg, just be mindful of not adding salty gravy to their portion. A good tip to allow them still to have some gravy is to mix a couple of teaspoons of normal flour or cornflour into a small amount of water to make a paste. Then add this paste to the meat juices from your turkey or meat and the juices will thicken nicely to make a salt free gravy! Or you can make our Family Friendly Gravy.

As it is a time for celebration, relaxing, spending time with the people you love, it is very easy to go mad with the sugary foods as you throw caution to the wind. For adults, you can make your own decisions on how much of the these foods you have but we need to mindful that our babies are not consuming high sugar foods during these festivities. When they are still babies, they have no idea what they are missing out on. They don’t understand how yummy chocolate is and so whilst they are still unaware, try and keep the foods that they are eating as savoury as possible, this not just for Christmas, this is relevant for all year around. C

hocolate and sweets are foods containing lots of added sugars and the NHS advise that children under 4 do not consume added sugars. We’ll be giving you some more recipe inspiration over the coming weeks over in our group Feeding Bumps, Babies & Kids so do come and join us there.

At this festive period, we tend to go overboard with the amount of food we buy (and consume!) but the great thing about the typical Christmas turkey is that the leftovers can be made into all sorts of yummy foods once the family has gone home and you can catch your breath! Turkey can be used in things like risotto, stir-fries, pasta bakes or a good old turkey curry!

The thing I like about a curry is that it usually contains amazing spices and I think we don’t give spices the credit they deserve. Spices have some amazing health benefits and have been used for centuries both for culinary and medical purposes. Spices not only enhance the flavour, aroma and colour of a dish, but they can also help our bodies fight off disease. Nicola devised a fantastic turkey curry recipe which is suitable for babies from 6 months. It contains 5 different, exciting and flavoursome spices, many of which can help support the immune system with their antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

So, when you are sitting back reflecting about your Christmas day and realise that the turkey is only half eaten, don’t despair! Our Happy Tums Twixmas Turkey Curry is quick, easy (able to be frozen!) and will undoubtedly become a new  Christmas tradition!

Thank you all for your support this year and have an very happy Christmas!

Nicola & Theresa x

Two babies laying on a mat, wearing red Christmas outfits

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