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Guest Blog – Teething with Dr Rachel

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Baby facing camera showing front teeth emerging

Teething is so savage. Snotty noses, dribble covered clothes, frayed tempers, and just a sleep deprived mess. And that’s just my partner and I as parents right now (self professed pity party).  Our baby son started at a beautiful nursery in April and now the lovely nursery bugs are paying us a visit on top of all this. What fun!!!

It had me thinking late at night when I couldn’t sleep/baby wouldn’t let me sleep… how teething is just so unpredictable child to child. As dentists we are taught the age ranges when the teeth are going to make an appearance but really it’s so hard to say! I thought we were having a rough time with two teeth and my friend’s baby, who’s only three weeks older, has six of the things!

By one year old your child may or may not have a fair few teeth, and it’s now recommended for children to have check-up from this age. Really it’s just about acclimatising them to the experience, but it is also helpful for parents to ask any questions or for tips on how to manage the new razor sharp teeth.

To look after the new teethies, try using a small smear of age appropriate fluoride toothpaste across the width of the toothbrush.  Be patient with yourself and baby/child, it will likely be a battle at some point but it will also become part of your routine and hopefully set up a lifetime of good oral health. I’d be really surprised if your child liked standard mint flavour toothpastes, so for babies try the brush baby apple mint one (it’s reeeeally tasty ). Other flavours exist for different fluoride strengths, keep it age appropriate though… UNLESS your child has experienced tooth decay. In this case move up to the next age group of toothpastes. The ranges are:

  • 0-3 years 1000ppm fluoride
  • 3-6 years up to 1500ppm.
  • Most adult pastes are 1450ppm

If you rinse after brushing  though the toothpaste no longer protects the teeth as all fluoride (which stops the action of bacteria) is washed away off the teeth.  Same logic applies for adults! (And helps keep dental charges lower).

I’ve included a fun certificate for your child to have signed on their special first visit and subsequent visits, and a little chart to show when the teeth are due through.

Things that might help you as an adult get through this process:

  • Sleep
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate (don’t say I said!)
  • Sleep
  • Sleep
  • Stronger coffee

Right, I need to go lie down before the 3am teething screamathon begins again in earnest.

Bye for now

Rachel xx

Dr Rachel White 🦷 😍

Goodleigh Dental Practice, Chelmsford – www.goodleighdental.co.uk

Grange Green Dental Practice, Billericay – www.grangegreendental.co.uk

Dr Rachel pictured with her baby son Dylan

Dr Rachel recently moved to Billericay with her partner Andrew and their a beautiful 6 month old baby boy, Dylan. She offers private family friendly dentistry in South Green, Billericay where children are seen free with Adult Practice Plan Memberships (affordable dental care insurance). Dr Rachel also accepts new patients for NHS dental care in Chelmsford.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Rachel loves getting some sleep when Dylan allows it, and probably some other hobbies but she can’t quite remember what they are!

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