Bibetta Wipeezee® XL Coverall bib


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And here it is! The award winning Wipeezee® XL Coverall bib from Bibetta covers baby’s arms, body and the highchair table, keeping both perfectly clean during messy mealtimes! Food and drinks are safely caught in the ‘pocket’ between the child’s front and the highchair table and therefore less on the floor!

After use, everything can be wiped off for a sparkly clean finish, ready for the next delicious meal!

The unique design of Bibetta’s XL Coverall means it fits most highchairs. Simply slide the underside ‘pocket’ over the front edge of your highchair and then tuck the middle part of the bib down in front of your child’s tummy.

The bib is supplied with two elastic straps which can be attached to a selection of hook and loop tabs on the sides of the bib and then attached to the legs or around the back of your highchair to keep it securely in place, (ensure the straps do not touch your child’s limbs or body).


  • Made out of Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee® 100% wipe-clean material (polyester with a smooth polyurethane top layer)
  • 100% waterproof, 100% wipe-cleanable and machine washable
  • The bib covers the child, their lap and highchair or legs for maximum protection
  • If not using the tray on a highchair the pocket can be flipped out to catch dropped food
  • Two elastic straps supplied and bib has six hook and loop tabs underneath to fix to any highchair and the configuration of your choice
  • Ideal for weaning and messy play
  • Fun and engaging fruit characters design
  • Perfect for travel – can be rolled or folded up to fit into changing bags when out and about
  • Long lasting durable product


  • Length: 67cm
  • Width (at the widest point): 64cm
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