Doidy Cup


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THE DOIDY CUP offers a unique slant on baby weaning and open cup training. The two-handled Doidy Cup, has been scientifically designed with a unique slant in order to teach infants to drink from a rim, NOT a spout or teated bottle. The sloping design allows a more natural upward and downward motion of the hands and arms, it teaches infants to drink from an open cup and how to put it down correctly.

– Recommended for infants from as early as 3 months of age
– Designed and Made in the UK Doidy Cup conforms to EN14350 and is made from food safe HD Polyethylene and is Bisphenol-A, Phthalate & PVC free
– Dishwasher (top shelf) and microwave safe

We cannot guarantee the colour that you will be sent but will do our best to accommodate any requests.

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