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Team Wiki v. Happy Tums Scone Bake-Off!

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During lockdown #1 we went head to head in a live Instagram ‘bake-off’ with with Susie (and her little gang!) from Wikiplacesforkids  It was an ‘interesting’ afternoon as Amabel ate most of the cheese before it reached the bowl and Jesse decided he’d rather do something else. You know the saying ‘never work with children or animals’!  However, we did end up with some yummy scones, and enough for the freezer too #winner

Happy Tums Scone Bake OffA great scone recipe is easy to make with (or without) children and can be adapted to fit all taste preferences and situations (of which there are many when it comes to kids!). A savoury cheese scone works well for a picnic lunch whereas a fruit scone might make a nice afternoon snack. Plain scones on the other hand are great as part of a breakfast.

Scones can be made dairy free very easily by using a dairy free butter and milk replacement. And if you are making a cheese scone, vegan cheese can work well as can nutritional yeast.

Some different options include:
Cheddar cheese
Wild garlic
Cranberry & orange
Olive & sundried tomato
Feta cheese
Peanut butter

Lots of people worry that they don’t have the right equipment to bake but don’t worry – there is almost always a hack you can use!

Rolling pin – a wine bottle, olive oil bottle, other glass bottle. Even better it it’s chilled as it stops the dough from getting warm and sticky (but it’s not essential). You want to roll your dough to about 2.5cm thick (appox!)

Cutter – You’ll see recipes talking about fluted and unfluted cutters but really you just need to cut them however you want! We use a variety of shapes, including a snowman and snowdog and plenty of different sizes stars! If you don’t have any cutters you can cut them freehand with a table knife or use the rim of a glass. Dust the inside and outside of the rim with some flour to stop it sticking. Try using a thin rimmed glass to make it easier to cut through the dough.

You can also create scones in square and triangle shapes – anything goes!

  • When cooking with kids it helps to have all the ingredients (and equipment) out and ready. If your kids are really young then you might also want to have it pre-weighed. If they are bit older they can help you weigh it out or even get the ingredients from the cupboard.
  • Also have the recipe printed so school age kids can start to read the recipe and you haven’t got to keep handling your phone or tablet with mucky hands!
  • Keep a bowl, flannel and towel to hand to wash hands as you go along. Some children don’t enjoy the feeling on their hands to begin with so let them take it at their own pace.
  • Once the dough is mixed and ready to roll let the kids have their own piece to work with and let them go to town!
  • Scones freeze really well once they are cooled. I tend to use a resealable freezer bag and just remove them as I need them. They defrost pretty quickly, especially on a low temp in the oven.

Happy Tums Scone Bake OffThis is the recipe we used in the bake-off. I used dairy free alternatives (due to Jesse’s dairy allergy) and don’t worry if you don’t have any cayenne pepper, you can use some English mustard or leave it out.


And there are some other recipes that you might want to try at another time….




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