Happy Tums Weaning

Our weaning workshop covers everything you need to know about introducing solids – whether this be with purées or following the baby-led weaning approach.

  • When to start
  • Setting taste preferences
  • Baby led weaning vs. traditional purées
  • What to do about milk feeds
  • Which foods are safe
  • How to deal with choking and gagging
  • Lots more and any other questions that you have!

The cost includes our exclusive mini-book "Weaning in Nutshell" ( ebook for online workshops) as well as access to our private Facebook support group where you can ask questions, share ideas and recipes with other parents, as well as get answers from us! With Happy Tums you’ll always have a safe and friendly space to ask questions and share your journey.

You can choose to come along to one of our various locations across Essex, join online, or book a private workshop for yourself or a group of friends, in your own home.

Babies are very welcome at our venues and we love meeting them!

Happy Tums Fussy Eater

Aimed at parents of children aged 1-8 years our Fussy Eater Workshop will help you develop the skills and knowledge to navigate your way through the tricky fussy periods.

Written with advice from psychologist Dr Elisa Aguirre, information from Loughborough University, all alongside our own expert knowledge of nutrition you’ll feel much more confident about dealing with your child’s tricky eating habits. Some of the areas covered include:

  • What is fussy eating?
  • Language use around food
  • Our own experiences
  • Appetite & hunger
  • The mealtime environment
  • Techniques for adding new foods
  • Nutritional needs

This workshop is available online via Zoom or as a private workshop for yourself or a group of friends, in your own home.

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